Our Team

At American Retirement Income Solutions, we’re not just financial professionals, we’re advocates. Our qualified professionals don’t just point you down a path to retirement, we walk alongside you to help you reach your full retirement stride.


Don Fletcher Founder/TSP, CSRS & FERS Consultant

Don specializes in helping clients navigate the intricacies of the federal retirement system, utilizing federal government benefits and retirement systems to maximize their retirement income. 

Don started his career in banking, working in acquisitions before transitioning into insurance. After 32 years in consumer banking and finance, he saw a need for federal employees to receive retirement plan coaching they often don’t receive from their government employers.

“This may sound like the job of an HR department, but it is not,” he says. “HR departments are there to enforce governmental rules, not provide you advice.” 

Don founded American Retirement Income Solutions to help federal employees understand when they will be able to retire. His years of experience allow him to provide pinpoint guidance that HR employees are prohibited from providing. Don’s mission is to help clients obtain all the benefits and income sources they are entitled to receive from their years of service.